What is the difference between a blog and a website?

What is the difference between a blog and a website?

I still remember those words when I first heard the name of the blog word. Then I did not know what the blog is and what we can do with it

The first question that came to my mind was that what is the difference between a website and a blog? Many people have a confusion like me and they can find some answers on their own. Today in this post we remove all your confusion and know what is the difference between blog and website.

Theoretically, the difference in any blog or website is simply how information is presented – that is, format. Apart from this, there is a very fine line between practically a blog and a website. Both of them have some key differences that we know today in this blog post.

What is a blog?

A blog is basically a weblog that a blogger makes for a chronological listing of his blog posts. The first most recent content is shown in a blog and then the previously updated content.

Blogs can be started easily by using services like WordPress, Blogger, etc. You do not need to start with some scratch like all the system and design templates etc.

A blog focuses on new content and the more your blog updates, the more readers will come to your blog. It does not necessarily mean that you can write anything in vain. Quality and regularly updated content are examples of a great blog.

Basic Blog of a Blog

A chronological listing of blog posts

A commenting system that invites readers to participate as a communication and readers can leave their comments on every single blog post.
Blog posts are archived according to date, category, author, tags, and sub-categories.

Manishtips, Shoutmeloud, cnet, etc

What is a website?

If anything is present on the Internet as HTML / CSS or Java / Javascript / Python / Php etc. then a website is born. A website can be complemented with a blog, but the homepage will mostly be for browsing other pages of the website and it will not only contain posts. Fully Functional and eye catchy websites are usually costing tasks because you have to start with everything basic. However, you can create your own website using platforms and services such as Adobe Dreamweaver.

A blog can also be part of a website. A website can be anything from one single page website to 1 billion users social networking site. (Such as Facebook)

Basic Website Identification

  • A homepage where links to other internal pages of the website or some sections are linked.
  • Work is a design portfolio.
  • A blog can be a part of a website.
  • A Frequently Asked Questions page which readers can browse to obtain more information.
  • One page of Client testimonials and feedback
  • Company terms and privacy statements pages
  • One of the contact forms, so that visitors can live in touch.
  • A services/products page that displays what they offer to visitors.


Box, Evernote, Wikipedia, Facebook, Odesk, etc.

Do you want a blog or a website?

First of all, decide what you want to do? If you agree that you want to regularly write content for your readers, then you need a blog.

If you want a full-featured online portal which has many capabilities and infinite possibilities, then you need a website. If you have a company then you need a blog combined with a blog. But before you make a leap to build a website, make sure that you have a great deal of code coding. Apart from this, you can get somebody coding from whom you spend some money.

One important thing you should know is that the most popular blogging platform, “WordPress” can be used to create a website at any time and you will also get the benefit of SEO and easy management.

“All apples are fruits, but not all fruits are apple.


All blogs are websites, but not all websites have blogs”


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