What is blogging actually? Answered FAQs for Newbies

What is blogging actually? Answered FAQs for Newbies

Blogging related people have many questions to ask. I have also answered questions to many of these, but I think there are still many people who need help.

See if you search online blogging related questions then it is possible that you get the answers to most of the questions and they are correct. But the questions I answer today, are such questions that are often asked by people, but bloggers do not answer them. This is because only these that if a blogger sees their point of view they are questions seem very simple and they think that people use to search the answers Google. Yes, but this is also the matter when I had these questions in my mind then I did not know any blogger who could answer me.

In the blogging world when we come or before it comes in, we think there will be a lot of scams and consoles in it. So, first of all, I would like to clarify one thing here that yes, there are such scams. But one thing is that not all frauds and many sources will help you if you understand their differences.

What is blogging actually?

Blogging is not just about writing posts or articles. Blogging is something that lets you express your feelings on something, deliver content to those people who need them, not to the people who do not need them.

Blogging does not mean to open the website, but rather to run that website.

For the quote: Suppose that you buy a car and let it remain in the same way, neither do it nor use it nor maintain it. So what’s the benefit of buying a car?

What to Do After Installing WordPress?

Now that you have installed WordPress and you do not know what to do next. So what do you do that you start watching some videos to customize your site and think, “If my site looks good, people will like it.” But it does not. You have to make your site look great and according to many aspects, including content add, SEO Optimizing, etc. And keep an eye on one thing that nobody will tell you exactly what you should do.

But under the pressure of creating and customizing your website, you have forgotten what was the main reason for starting your blog. Now you have to think about which post you should write. Your main reason was to justify thoughts. Getting them to the logo You will have to find the content for this. Gradually you will get a habit of finding content and then your blogging will gradually end in interest. Because you may be writing on your blog that others write on their blogs.

How to earn $ 100 a blog instantly in a month?

Prior to starting your blogging, people said that you can easily earn $ 100 from your blog and this will not be a big deal. But I would like to tell you that you do not have to hear such talk. Instantly earn $ 100 a month is a big deal. Now I’m not saying that this is impossible or you can not do that. You can do this but for that, you must be aware of a lot of things.

  • The only AdSense can not help you
  • Only some great posts on your blog cannot help you.
  • Sharing your articles on social media is not the only way to gain traffic.
  • Now, what is the solution to these problems?

For that, you have to pay attention to many things and to help you follow the articles below.

How do I bring my post into Google Search Results?

the only answer is SEO.

If you have any questions, please share with us the comments. Thank you for reading this blog post. Hope you find this information beneficial. If so, please share it and do not forget to subscribe to us.


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