How a Blogger should moderate blog comments

How a Blogger should moderate blog comments - How a Blogger should moderate blog commentsCommenting can be used as a blog’s marketing and promotion tool. We have already told you about SEO benefits of blog commenting, and if you missed them, here is a guide that you should open in your new and read later.

  • Why Is Commenting important for your Blog?

To moderate the comments today I am going to discuss with you very important tips. As a new blogger and an intermediate blogger, we all make many mistakes and after making such a lot of mistakes, now I am telling you something according to your experiences.

Why should your blog comment reflect your personality?

I have often mentioned in my earlier articles, “Your blog is your personality” and it should be expressed in what you are. Similarly, comments should be something that will show how you are keeping an eye on every aspect of your blog. Earlier, I share with you my first interaction of comments.

When I first started blogging on a BlogSpot blog, I did not know about blog comments.

I just started a blog due to curiosity and started writing about anything that I liked.

Once a Guy made a very good comment on my blog, which was named “Louis Vuitton coupon.” I was happily churning because I thought people were reading my blog and they feel good about it. I did not know that such comments are made for automating backlinks by automated software and anyone who commented on my post was a bot.

Over time, I began to find out who are good comments and who are bad comments, and then I started moderately moderating comments on my blog.

I used the comment Luv plugin to increase the comments on my blog, and then I removed it, keeping in mind the many negative aspects of it. Firstly, I used to accept all such comments as “Really nice post” “Thanks for posting” and then gradually after knowing about how to create a high-quality blog, I stopped accepting such comments. done.

Here’s how I understand comments on my blog, its timeline, and I’m learning something new every day. In this guide, I am going to share with you how you should accept comments on your blog, and how you should reject comments.

How To Moderate Blog Comments: A Definite Guide For All Bloggers

Filter Spam:

Before you go to the moderation zone of your blog, you must first begin to put clear spam comments (comments that are certain that they are spam). If you use WordPress, you should use Akismet to remove spam comments.

With this, you will get comments such as those whose names they know are not human, such as “Get Youtube fans” “SEO review”, “Blogging tips” etc. You should never accept such comments. Your blog is written by a human being, “You” and do not you want to get a comment from a real person whose name is also real?

There are some spammers who use automated commenting software and comment on blogs. A basic sign of such comments is that they are not relevant to your blog post. These may be something like, “Your blog is not loading fine on mobile”, “Your blog loading is too fast” etc.

Comments should be Meaningful:

Whenever you write a blog post as a blogger, you expect such comments, which have a value.

There are such loyal readers who make quick comments on your blog post such as “Nice post” “Thank you for the post”, which is good for SEO boost, but for any blog post, any value-add do not do.

I always feel that anyone can show their happiness to any blog post by sharing them on social media. Yes, some exceptions can be considered when you write a problem-solving blog post and some comments come, “It worked!”, “Thank it helped me to fix my problem.” It’s great for social-acknowledgment Live.

Do not use the CommentLuv plugin:

I have used the CommentLuv plugin in the past, and it works great in increasing social sharing scores and also bringing many regular comments, but I do not think the idea of adding an irrelevant link to any blog post is good.

This is a great way to pull new commenters on your blog, but for the long run of your blog, it is not good for the price you pay. This plugin does not only affect your blog’s bounce rate, but it is also not good for the overall SEO of your blog post. Here’s an image, which is showing what happens when you disable it after using the CommentLuv plugin for a long time.

Correct Grammatical Mistakes:

There is a time when you get comments that are completely filled with grammatical mistakes and I am sure that you correct their mistakes before publishing them to your blog post. Finally, if there are meaningful and unreadable comments in your commenting section, they will attract similar and high-quality comments.

In a recent video, Matt Cutts suggested that comments do not require you to worry about grammatical mistakes, but at this point, I’m different from them.

Yes, I agree that you do not have to worry too much, but if you only like quality on your blog, then I would recommend that you take care of grammatical mistakes and spelling errors in your comments. Here is a video in which Matt comments about fixing grammatical errors in comments.


And in the embedded video below, Matt Cutts has been telling how spelling and grammar matter in search engine rankings. Anyway, a well-written comment determines which demographics your blog is watching. Observe the part in which Matt is telling how the reputation of a site is a judge.


From my testing, I say that your blog’s comments in search engine rankings do a great deal for your blog posts. In the end, all you have to do is make sure that the comments coming to your blog posts are high-quality. To make your blog commentator’s life great, you can use this plugin to edit a comment for a specific time.

Irrelevant help asks comments:

There are also comments that ask for irrelevant help from you. I do not like to accept such comments because they make the blog post irrelevant again.

Especially, when you are creating a high-quality blog post, you will want everything in that blog post to be relevant. If you are one of those who do not make such mistakes, I suggest that you get help from a relevant page or a forum to ask a contact form or questions.

Overall, your goal should be to keep all information relevant and meaningful in your blog post. Many people copy-paste others’ blog posts into your comments, you do not want to accept such comments to avoid the DMCA complaint.

If you are making any mistakes mentioned above, I recommend you to correct them and moderate your comments with a lot of attention from now on.

If you have any more suggestion and tip, tell me through comments. Do not forget to share this ultimate comment moderation guide with your blogger friends.


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