How to Start with Professional Blogging?

How to Start with Professional Blogging  - How to Start with Professional Blogging?

Blogging is not only a medium for reaching your voice to others, but there is also a career option. Many youngsters are coming to blogging so that they can passive income. You need a lot to start a professional blog, and if you think about earning money, you will need a business plan for your blog and all the professional elements you need for your blog are also needed.

Many people ask me how to start with professional blogging? So to answer all those people I am writing this blog post today.

So one of our reader Anil asked:

I am still blogging on Free, and I want my blog for professional blogging. Can I find

How much does it cost to move from to a professional platform and to start a new blogging website? And what is this hosting? And so on. And who do you contact in this regard?

Starting a Professional Blog:

Only Anil is not alone who may be suffering from this problem, and many of you will want to move from a common blog to professional blog. So before I answer Anil’s question, there are some questions below which you should ask yourself first:

  • What is such a thing that makes a blog professional look?
  • What’s the difference between your blog and a well-established blog?
  • What are you doing to become a professional blogger?

I am going to answer all of these questions below, then keep reading ahead:

The best platform for blogging:

Nowadays, many platforms are available to start blogging. Most beginners start with Blogger Blog (BlogSpot) or with blog because nothing in these things does require investing. Well, there are many platforms but if you want to make something bigger, just pick it up which is the best.

I only consider Self-Hosted WordPress as the best platform because it does not just cater to the needs of all our blogging, but also enhances our capabilities. The best thing about it is that it does not matter which platform you are on this time, you can easily migrate to it by using the inbuilt importer tool offered by WordPress.

You can also migrate your blogs to self-hosted WordPress, keep it search engine friendly. You have to pay $ 15 annually to to maintain 301 redirections for this.

What does it cost to create a new website?

Many people ask, what does it cost to start a blog? If we talk about a self-hosted WordPress blog, then it depends on how well you are in this thing, and how much you want to spend. If we talk about a newbie, you can start in less than a thousand rupees.

Now how?

Nowadays, simple web hosting is available on a monthly payment for WordPress and its starting rate is only 200 rupees a month. Apart from this, you will need a domain name, even if the cost of a domain name is more than Rs 600 but you can also get at least 150 rupees for the first year under the offers.

After that, if you wish, choose a free theme for WordPress blog or choose a professional theme, this is your wish. In this regard, you must read our post:

What is Hosting?

Web Hosting is a place where your website is hosted. This is the place where your website is stored in the common language. You have remote virtual access, and you can do anything on this remote.

How to get started with blogging?

If you want to start a professional blog, then buy a domain name and web hosting. You can start with Bluehost or Hostgator.

Before web hosting you will need a domain name, you can read our blog posts below:

I also have a Domain Name and Web Hosting also do so now?

If you have already purchased a domain name and web hosting, now you have to install WordPress. In this regard, you can also read the articles below and also watch the video.


I have installed WordPress, now what do I do next?

After WordPress Blog is installed there are many things you need to do before you start publishing your posts. In this regard, follow the articles below:

Any other setting?

Apart from this, you can read more articles on our blog, ManishTips, and help improve your WordPress blog. For that, you can browse our blog’s WordPress archive with the link below.

So now I assume that you have set up your blog. Now when I talk about a professional blog: we talk about a well-maintained branded blog. Your brand value is the most important thing you have, and that’s what you read with increasing time.

You will have to maintain a proper publishing frequency on your blog and your articles should be better than those currently presenting the other offers. Create a strategy for your blog and take it as a business. When I talk of business, it means, to improve quality, to get new readers, and to do marketing and marketing of your blog.

Tell me if you have any questions related to this post in your mind?

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