How to setup a home office for professional blogging?

How to setup a home office for professional blogging 1 - How to setup a home office for professional blogging?

Blogging is the activity in which information is shared through the Internet. Money can also be earned by blogging. There are some people who liked the blogging so much that they made it their career.

Blogging also has many advantages to creating a career. To start a blog you do not have to pay a lot of money like any other business and you also earn from the hard work of 2 to 3 months. To create your own blog, you only have to buy a domain name and hosting service and you can set your own blog.

But to start a blog you have to keep a few things in mind. You do not need to pay huge rent for your office. You can make an office in your own house and start earning money.

The reality is that many professional bloggers like Harsh Agarwal (, Owner) work from home only. To maintain motivation for blogging, they have to make many changes in their routines.

Just think, can you work in pajamas for 365 days of the year? If you do not want to spoil your body then you will need a kind of system. You will need a good table-chair, so that your long hours of work are not heavy on your health. All this can be found just by setting up a home office.

Here I am going to give some tips that will help you set up the office at home.

How do I do an Office Setup at home?

Below are some checkpoints that you should keep in mind while setting up the office at your home.

Table and Chairhow to setup a home business

You should not blogging by harming your spinal cord. Many bloggers like to write articles from their beds. You should choose the right size table and chair according to your height. This will really increase your productivity. Select a chair in which the height can be adjusted, to give the desired direction and the wheel below. By which you can feel comfortable and stable while working.

If you do not want to spend much on the table-chair then you can easily find the furniture used on the olx. Specifically, having a pro-blogger or a work from home user can cause you to be suffering from back pain or you may suffer from fatigue throughout the day. You definitely should start using a right table-chair. Also, also make sure you buy a chair that supports your back.

Use Proper Desktop or Laptop

You can choose a desktop or laptop as per your requirement. If you have to work while travelling, then you should take the Laptop. But if you can work from home then you should take a desktop computer. In addition, you can also take dual screen monitors or take both Laptop or desktop. Remember, Computer is a productive tool. So take a good computer according to your need.

One of the most discussed scenarios is whether or not to use the dual-screen monitor. And the answer depends on you only. If you really need an extra monitor then you can use your home TV as a second screen or you can buy an HD monitor for yourself and extend it via HDMI or video monitor cable.

Internet Connection

Blogging requires you to have a good speed and an internet connection of proper connectivity. The biggest distraction for any blogger is its internet connection does not work. You should take the connection of any reputed ISP. Also, you should take more than 1MBPS of speed for effective blogging. Along with this, you should also take a backup internet connection like Data Card, mobile GPRS and others.

If you are in video blogging, keep in mind that you have a broadband connection, which has a good upload rate. Most broadband providers offer a good download speed, but their upload speed is very low. Getting the best upload-download speed internet service provider is right. In India, Airtel Broadband is good, it is not cheap but the rest is best. In Hyderabad, Beam Broadband Provider is very good.

Effective Environment

Make your office environment free of disturbances. Avoid all kinds of disturbing elements such as children, TVs, Xbox, friends, and neighbors. Keep the atmosphere cool by using proper air conditioning. There will also be a power backup for electricity so that you can work without interruption. Take the room behind the house or make changes in the rooms so that it is a soundproof. Keep all kinds of distractions away from your working room.

Believe it or not, but a clean room always helps in improving your productivity. Along with this, there will be no distraction, and you will also like to work from your home office. Try as much as you can to make the soundproof to the room, which will ensure that the outside noise does not bother you.

Proper Space

You should arrange things in your rooms in such a way that you can use it in its entirety well. For example, you can put the CPU under the table. Label the files in the right place. Place the table in one corner of the room where there is a power supply so that you can make full use of the room in the room. To say means that you can do as much as possible to organize your room. This will not only give you the feeling of office but you will also enjoy your work.

These tips are helpful for all those who work from home and are trying to set up an office at home. If you work from home too, keep things organized more and follow the 5 tips given above to become professional. This will not only bring discipline to you, but you will also feel more productive than before.

Do you also work from home? Tell us what kind of setup do you have at home?

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