How to verify KYC of Paytm [Full info with pictures]

It has become mandatory for Paytm users to get KYC ( Know Your Customer ) verification. A Paytm KYC Customer offers a lot of benefits. Only those who did not upgrade the Paytm Wallet They can not get the benefits of the Paytm VIP customer.

If you also pay online from Paytm So this tutorial is for you. Because in this tutorial, we will tell you how to do the KYC Verification of Paytm Wallet? What is the method of linking Aadhar card in Paytm? How to Update Your Paytm KYC?

Apart from this, will you know what are the benefits of getting KYC Verify? Why should you do KYC verification?

Before you verify your Paytm KYC. We tell you about KYC first what is KYC? Why is KYC Verification Important? What are the documents required for KYC Verification (KYC Documents)?

What is KYC?

Paytm Kyc Verification
Paytm Kyc Verification

KYC – Know Your Customer means KYC  means ” Know Your Customer, “. KYC is a very popular term in the financial sector. Financial Institutions used to do this identify identity of their customers.

Indeed, banks, insurance companies, etc. institutions want to verify their identity before giving their services to the customers. This process uses KYC for this.Through KYC, this verifies the identity of the customer and its address (Address Verification).

For KYC Verification, Indian Government assumes the necessary documents for KYC to Aadhar card . However, you can also give your KYC Verification from PAN Card, DL – Driving License, NREGA Card, Voter ID, Passport etc. Documents.

Benefits of KYC Verification in Paytm

After the KYC verification of Paytm Wallet, you become a Paytm KYC customer. That is, whose KYC has been verified. Your base card becomes linked to Paytm. Now you are the Paytm KYC user and not the Paytm Non-KYC User. You have the following benefits of KYC Verification.

1. Your Paytm Wallet gets upgraded. This means you can now spend more than ₹ 10,000 in a month.

2. You can keep ₹ 1,00,000 in your Paytm Wallet. Which you can use to pay with Paytm and to do online shopping.

3. If you are a Paytm KYC customer, you get more offers of Special Offers and Paytm Cashback.

4. It is easy for you to open an account in the Paytm Payments Bank.

Different Types of Paytm KYC

To maintain easy access to its services, Paytm has provided three types of KYC to its customers. Each KYC has its own advantages and limitations. Which can be seen below.

  1. Min KYC
  2. Self KYC
  3. Full KYC

You can see below the required documentation for various types of KYC and its limit.

Paytm Kyc Verification
Paytm Kyc Verification

Now you have learned about various types of KYC. And have learned about the advantages and disadvantages of each KYC. Lets now what is the method of each KYC Verification? He also knows.

1. How to do Min KYC

  •  First download and open your Paytm App . And tap on KYC Icon .
  •  Select your ID from the front-facing IDs. Which is the ID you want to KYC
  •  Now write to ID number and ID that is your name.
  •  Checkmark to confirm the information you have written. And submit it.
  •  Congratulation! You have successfully completed Self KYC Verification.

2. How to get Self KYC and Aadhar Based KYC

  •  Open the Paytm App And click on KYC Icon .
  •  Write your base number.
  •  Write OTP received on your Registered Mobile Number
  •  Confirm Identity
  •  After this, fill out your information. And submit it.
  •  Congratulation! You have successfully implemented Aadhar based KYC

3. How to get full Paytm KYC Verify

Paytm is very easy to get KYC Verify. You can complete the complete KYC Verification process with just your Aadhar card or any valid Government ID. For this, please follow the steps given below.

1. First of all you have to download Paytm App. If you already use the Paytm App, you can update the Paytm App. Go to Play Store for this. And update it.

2. Then open the Paytm App and tap on the profile. Now you have your Paytm Profile Open. From here you have to tap the button ” Request Now ” under the button “Get your KYC done”.

3. Now the KYC Complete Form will open in front of you. In this form you have to do a total of 4 works. Write the base number of the first 12 digits,write the name you have in the second Aadhaar card, tick the box next to the third I agree to the Terms & Conditions and proceed with tapping on the fourth Proceed .

4. Now you have two options to complete KYC in front of you. First visit a KYC Center (which will open by default) and the second request a Visit . From here you have to choose the KYC option at your convenience. And to move forward. We are telling you about one option below.

5. If you choose the option first here, Visit a KYC Center . So you have to take the Aadhaar card up to your nearest KYC Center to complete your KYC.Paytm will tell you the names of the nearest Paytm KYC Centers based on your location. As you can see in the photo above. You can get your KYC verification by going here.

6. And if you select the second option ie Request a Visit , you must first add your complete address. To add your address, first tap on Request a Visit . And tap on the Add Address by filling out your Address Detail.

7. After doing this, Paytm will ask you your preferred address. From here you have nothing to do. Just tap on Request an Appointment . Yes, if you made a mistake in the address you filled in, then you can improve it by going to edit. And if you want to add a new address, you can add a new address by going to Add a New Address. And send Appointment Request for yourself.

8. After appointment request, an agent of Paytm will come to verify your Documents at the address given to you. As soon as your Documents will be verified by the agent. Your Paytm KYC will be complete.

Note : – KYC is currently closed due to the new order on the Aadhar Card of the Supreme Court.

what have you learned?

In this tutorial, we told you how to get KYC verification in Paytm Wallet? What are the benefits of getting Paytm KYC verification? How to Upgrade Paytm Wallet? We hope this tutorial will prove useful to you. If you have any questions related to Paytm KYC Verification, then you can tell us through comment.


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